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Natalie Russ - Scarlet Pee 2

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Natalie Russ - Scarlet Pee 2
Synopsis: Natalie Russ is red hot in scarlet - her dress, fishnet pantyhose and jeweled-velvet spike heels are all the same sizzling shade. The petite blonde is outdoors by a large river on a sunny day, playing with a black-and-red flogger. Her hands caress her large breasts, slipping inside of the top of her dress, before she hikes it up around her waist. Next, she rubs her crotch and teases her shaved pussy with the handle of the flogger, then peels her mesh pantyhose down to her knees. She squats and pees, fingering her clit as the crystal-clear stream splashes on the ground, then she spit-wets her slit, lubing it ready for her whip once more. After grinding and circling the butt-end against her clit, she uses her fingers again, slipping them inside. Sitting down with her hose around her ankles - stretched tight between them as she splays her legs wide - Natalie continues to masturbate. She pumps her snatch with her fingers and works the whip against her clit, with her dress bunched right up to expose her big, gorgeous tits. So caught up in pleasure she’s oblivious to boats sailing by, she strums her slit with her fingers, her breath coming in deep gasps as she nears her climax. Then it hits, so intensely she pees again, squirting on the ground. As the camera captures the extent of her streams, she stands and adjusts her pantyhose and dress, covering up once again. Finally, she struts away on her high heels as the picture fades…
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