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Desperate Walk Wetting With Bella Marie

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Desperate Walk Wetting With Bella Marie
Bella Marie and Daddy set out for a quick walk to enjoy the new spring weather. But what starts as an innocent adventure quickly deteriorates in to desperation and potty-dancing! Silly Bella Marie, thinking she could make it through a walk and back home before pissing her pants and panties; she doesn’t even make it down the road before she starts to wet herself! Daddy scolds and teases his pissy baby as she eventually must drop her pants and relieve herself through her panties all over the road. She doesn’t make it much further after that before she has to stop and peepee her pants even more! Then it’s an open walk of shame down the hill, across and through the parking lot, up the stairs, all with soaking wet pants...and by the time Bella Marie reaches her apartment, she’s already begging to go again!
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