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Gaberiella - PEE Fetish Making Yellow Snow

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Gaberiella - PEE Fetish Making Yellow Snow
This is video thats based around one of my favorite fetishes! Its Sunday and I just had a bunch of drinks and I thought it would be a idea considering everywhere is closed to just pee outside. Fuck it,, for real. No where lets you just use the bathroom. While driving around I look for the perfect spot to release my self. I get told I should pee in a church lot, Jesus will hate me. We pull around to the back, walk around on back towards the woods. I get out the walk in the woods, and unbutton my pants, and let it go! I pull my pink panties down and make the snow yellow. This video also features an Instant replay of the event so you can watch it in all its slow motion glory ! It just snowed 12 inches and i melted them all away ! I hope you guys enjoy
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