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Candiecane - Hotel Carpet Pee While Friend In Bed

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Candiecane - Hotel Carpet Pee While Friend In Bed
Hahaha this was a fun one! I had brought an employee to help me at a convention near Chicago and generally they stay in the same room with me, to save money. Well he was passed the fuck out LOL in the weirdest position! I wanted to record it and then I thought, I should pee on the carpet next to him while he sleeps?! :P I start by showing you my boobs in the mirror, as I am only wearing panties. Then I show you my male employee, in the hotel bed. I had moved the chair, so I had a nice corner to piss in! Then I take off my panties and piss all over the carpet in the hotel room! I was worried with the sound of the pee gushing out and onto the floor that he might wake up, but he didn't LOL! Then after I am done letting you watch the last few drops fall from my bush, I show you that he is still on the bed! So then I grab my panties and put them back on. Then I push the chair back into its place! Don't need anyone walking on the peed on carpet!! I almost wished he would've woke up and went crazy, it would have been SO FUNNY HAHAHA!! Then I sneak back over to the bathroom area and continue laughing hahaha! Then I grab a wipe and clean up my hairy pussy.
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