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Water Goes In, Piss Comes Out

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Water Goes In, Piss Comes Out
Leony is getting nice and comfortable with herself in this solo update, first having a glass of water, then prepping herself with some light masturbation, and then going all out and piss all over the place, with her pussy up high and golden showering all over herself and her satin blouse! They say when you gotta go, you gotta go, so Leony always makes SURE that she needs a good piss when she gets in the mood! This piss freak even pisses right back into her champagne glass and gives it a little whirl in her mouth! She's so in love with piss she just has to go hardcore intimate with her fluids, and when nice and pissed up she can finish the job on herself perfectly! See how piss play makes Leony shine!
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