Vonka Romanov - Awkward Situation With Her Professor

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Vonka has a problem. She has failed one of her papers in her end of year exams, and this would mean she would miss an entire year of studies. In the hope of changing the situation, she goes to visit her English professor at home. She has traveled quite a distance and would really like to pee, but she finds the man intimidating, and she is after all asking a big favor of him, so she decides not to ask for the use of his bathroom. Besides, she is confident she can wait; the meeting should not take long than five minutes. When the professor goes off to make an important phone call, he tells her to wait and he will consider her situation. Vonka does as she is told, squirming as her desperation to pee increases. When the professor returns, it is hard for her to stop squirming, and if he were the noticing kind, he might observe that she does not look particularly comfortable. He says he has thought about giving Vonka a break on her paper, but points out that he will have to get the approval of the Dean before committing to anything. He leaves the room again, this time to call the Dean. He tells Vonka to wait and maybe she will get a definitive answer today. Vonka's bladder is very full now and she is becoming frantic trying to control herself. How much longer is this going to take! At last, the professor returns again. Bad news, the Dean is not in her office. Her assistant says she will be back shortly, so once again, the professor suggests that Vonka continues to wait (if only he knew what he was saying!) and she should soon have a answer, one way or the other. When the professor leaves the room for the third time, Vonka begins to pee dance and rub her thighs with her hands, rocking back and forth, a pained expression on her face. She is bursting! How much longer? She stands and paces, barely able to hold it. Then, the unthinkable happens: She loses control! Oh God, she's wetting herself on the professor's rug! No she has no hope of getting her paper passed. Without waiting for him to come back, Vonka quietly leaves his house, mortified by what she has done. Is there any chance that he won't notice that his rug is soaking wet?
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